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I’m Heather Sims, Broker/Owner of The Elysian Agency, a boutique real estate brokerage serving the Dallas, Texas area. I can promise you’ve never worked with a real estate pro like me before. I take strategy and integrity seriously, but I also believe that a real estate experience can be fun and exciting. Whether you want room to grow, less space to maintain, a fabulous pool in the backyard, or something completely out-of-the-box, I can help you make a move to the perfect home that’ll get you the lifestyle you deserve. 


In my agency, we believe that you should be able to "expect more" when selling or buying your home. Because a home is more than just four walls — it’s the place where you make memories...because a realtor is more than just a tour guide — they’re a trusted partner and confidant who can save you time and money...because there’s no good reason why real estate can’t be easy, fun and stress-free. You’re not just buying or selling your Dallas home. You’re leveling-up your lifestyle. And that’s what The Elysian Agency delivers. 


Beyond my work life, I'm a mother of teenage twins, a wife of almost 20 years, and I enjoy running, reading, eating good food and drinking good wine...because life is too short for bad food or wine! 



Hey y'all! I'm Kate. Let me're here because you believe your home can be both beautiful and organized, and I'd love to show you exactly how you can make that happen...but first, a bit about me...

I've been a "Texan" for over 10 years now and have loved every minute of it! I'm originally from the East Coast, by way of a quick stint in Nebraska, but Texas feels like home.


I have been married to my hunky hubby for over 16 years. We have two kids (one who is — GULP — a teenager) that keep us incredibly BUSY in the worlds of all-star cheerleading, taekwondo, and (soon-to-be) high school football. I spend ALL of my free time, at my second job, "driver". My kids really are living their best lives!


We also have two furry kids who are really just in it for cuddles...and treats...

With a family as on-the-go as mine, I learned real quick that we have to be ORGANIZED. If I don't take the time to make sure everything is in order, wayyyyyy before hand, things always fall apart. And another biggie...the more ORDERED my home feels, the more cool, calm, and collected I feel as a momma. So, here I am, to share this MAGIC with you!








I'm Rebecca Boler, a certified Home Staging Specialist, and owner of The RBCo. I see Home Staging needs as an opportunity to better my clients' lives. I recognize the stress and emotional burden that can accompany selling a home and I take pride in easing these stresses for my clients.


I see each Staging opportunity as a new challenge to accentuate the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of a home.


I am extremely passionate about my business and the work we do. I promise to never shy away from loading a truck, cleaning a window, or planting flowers. Whatever it takes to get your home ready to sell, I'm ready to get to work.


I am originally from Oshkosh, WI and moved to Dallas to pursue my education at The University of Dallas. I graduated with Honors in Business Administration.


I am the proud mother of 3 and wife to Cass. My passions outside of work include cooking, travel, and everything HYGGE.

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